Half Guard & Lock Down counter sequence

In these two videos I show a few variations on countering half guard and lock down.  In the half guard I show a single hook with one leg pushing down on the calf.  This is a surprisingly great way to control someone from half.  You can use the position to create several really effective sweeps. […]


Rolling with Big Partners (strategies for small grapplers)

If you’re a small practitioner like myself (I’m 6’1″ and 155 pounds) you know what it feels like to roll with a big partner.  As much as I whine sometimes about everyone being bigger… I am reminded that my wife is a whopping 115 pounds.  To her everyone really is bigger!  You can’t approach every […]


Top 3 Motivation Hacks for 2019!

In this video I share my top three motivation hacks for 2019.  Be sure to share these with your friends and subscribe and follow all our social media sites for daily content.  @BJJAfter40 On YouTube, Instagram and Facebook! Powered by WPeMatico


Nine Year Old with Slick Heel Hook Flow Series

Better get after it ninjas… the yougsters are coming with the foot locks! I’ve started my son very early with learning the foundations and framework of foot locks. He doesn’t do them on others but I allow him to work them on me. I’m a big believer in creating early foundations to build on. Happy […]


Grip Training & Conditioning for BJJ / Grappling

Building strong grips for BJJ and grappling (especially gi training) is a must!  I use the grip trainers available from Origin USA.  This product is very versatile, easy to install and fun!  There are endless exercises you can creates with this product.  It’s very functional for grapplers and a great workout. To learn more click here! […]


The Spider Ninja meets the Longhairs!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Longhairs for their “Let it Ride” podcast.  The Longhairs run a fraternal organization for men with long hair. They offer amazing gear for long haired dudes like myself.  They sell cool, high quality ‘hair ties for guys’ with manly images printed on them like bullets and […]


Ninja move of the month: The Cryangle Choke!

Our Ninja Move of the month exclusively for our friends at @viralbjj. It’s called the Cryangle Choke it’s the ultimate trap giving you access to the neck arms and leg! It’s now been done successfully in just about every major Grappling event from the Worlds, Pans, Euros, Fight to win and everything in between. In […]