Never buy Tape Again! Luta Gear Gripp Tap Review

*NOT A PAID SPONSOR – REVIEW* This is an interesting product I’ve been testing for a few months now called Gripptap from Luta Gear.  It replaces tape with a small sleeve (much like a knee sleeve or elbow sleeve) but for your fingers.  It comes in 1, 2 and 3 fingered versions.  I wasn’t sure […]


Back from Travels, Back on the Grind

Maybe I’ll switch to weekly updates. We’ll see. I’m tracking my weight training over at T-Nation, and I’m not sure of the value of tracking my jiu-jitsu classes – though I can think of a few different ways to do it that might be more worthwhile for all involved. I’ve been back on the mat […]


BJJAfter40: Double Under Hook counter series

  Enjoy this nice detailed counter series to the double under hooks.  I will post more details and additional follow ups in the next few days – if you like this one!  Happy training Ninjas!  Don’t miss our upcoming BJJAfter40 Vacation Getaways!  Details below… Powered by WPeMatico


**New Dates** Added for ‘Your BJJ Vacation’

We added a new set of dates for our upcoming BJJ Vacation getaways! Dates:  6/21 – 6/24 and 9/20 – 9/23.  Up to 14 hours of private / semi private instruction with BJJAfter40 founder Mike “Spider Ninja” Bidwell.  Join us for a BJJ vacation in beautiful Colorado you’ll never forget! More Details go to:  Click […]


Another Killer Cryangle Choke in Competition!

  My man @baabatmonk slaying it with a killer #cryangle in his first comp! I love that dope mustache too Ninjas be careful how you divide and separate what’s possible and what you think is not. When you start with ‘I don’t think I can!’ Then you won’t. Begin with hope and possibility and build […]


Duck Season A: Cycle 3

Deadlift 150 x 3 170 x 3 190 x 7 Joker (supersetted w/DB rows 20 x 8 3) 200 x 3 210 x 3 220 x 3 FSL 150 x 8 x 3 + LSD treadmill 9.0 cal/min for 30 minutes Powered by WPeMatico


YOUR BJJ Vacation!

Join us for a BJJ weekend getaway you’ll never forget. We can create the perfect BJJ vacation of your dreams. We cater your experience to your specific needs and requests. Training can consist of private instruction, group classes or a combination of both – you decide. Our school is centrally located in Lakewood, Colorado. Just […]


Kids World 2018

The ever popular Kids World returns in 2018 at the Long Beach College located at 4901 E. Carlson St in Long Beach, California. This event always attracts top youth competitors from around the World. For more info go (READ MORE) Master Pedro Sauer ebook: Mastering the Guard Pass and Its Submissions  Kid Peligro ebook: Secrets […]