Steven Placido

Steven Placido is a 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt under world champion professor Sergio Silva. He established himself as a determined competitor with several medals in notable tournaments. He started learning martial arts as a kid growing up in San Leandro, and Oakland CA. After getting into altercations with other kids for bullying him […]


Leif Youngquist

Coach Leif Youngquist is a life long martial artist starting in Okinawa karate in the 1980s after watching the karate kid . He tried various sports including wrestling until he found his first true martial arts passion in si -lum Kung fu ( shaolin long fist and other blended short fist styles) . Earning a […]


Joe Paz

As a young man, Coach Paz started training in boxing under Joe Rodriquez in Hayward. He went on to complete in Golden Gloves boxing and eventually won some prestigious tournaments including the San Francisco Golden Gloves Championships. Currently Coach Joe is a purple belt under Professor Sergio Silva and has won has numerous Jiu JItsu [...]

Manuel Reyes

Like many, I remember my first exposure to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship. At UFC 1, I saw a man from Brazil beating guys twice his size and began to ask myself two questions, “How is this even possible?” But more importantly, “What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?” It wasn’t until I enlisted [...]

Don Franks

As a Bruce Lee fan, Don was inspired by martial arts at a very young age. He started martial arts at the age of 5 in Dublin, CA. During his childhood Don practiced in Tae Kwon Do, Kajukenbo, Kung Fu, and Karate. After many years of training in these arts, Don fell in love with [...]