Head Lopper and Bottom Side Control Triangle! (and molding the clay)


At the end if every BJJAfter40 video I say, “Continue molding the clay ninjas!”  What I mean is that the creation ‘starts’ with you… it doesn’t end with you.  I encourage you to continue creating… to continue tinkering with the move… mold the clay!  Why?  Because this is how we evolve techniques and grow this amazing art.  We share… we don’t horde … we share!  So I love it when ninjas send me videos of them playing with moves and adding to them where it works for them.  I also love it when I get a competition video in my inbox of a ninja hitting a sweet move.  If you have any you’ve seen on my channels that you’ve hit in competition… please send them along and I’ll post it on my various outlets. Send to:  BJJafter40@gmail.com  Send us your videos!

Here’s two such videos sent to me just this week!  Enjoy

In this video you’ll see the bottom side control triangle / shoulder lock combo.  This video was sent to me by @tivlaski8 on Instagram.

He said:

 I learned this from one of your accounts and hit it in a tournament last May… I bought the Headhunter a couple weeks ago and am looking forward to employing some ninja business in future comps.

We show a ton of variations on this technique in the Headhunter instructional.



In this video we see the Head Lopper Choke as seen in the HeadHunter Instructional (as look at my “GI Joe with Kung-Fu grips: choke on YouTube). This video was sent to me by Miguel De La O a purple belt from Renzo Gracie Mexico. “This is the video I told you that I learned in your YouTube channel… It was in a tournament in Guadelajara, Mexico last year.” It’s very similiar in structure to a baseball bat choke. The grips however are a bit different – we cover this choke in great detail (4 parts) in the HeadHunter instructional – GET IT TODAY NINJAS!

Here’s the original video with the GI Joe Kung Fu Grips version – this was shot 3 years ago so I’ve added a ton of variations since then.

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