Ninja Healing Secrets for After40: Sublingual CBD Sprays


In this new segment, “Ninja Healing Secrets After40” I will be sharing tips and tricks I use stay at optimal health as I near 50 years old. In some segments I will share stretches and movements… In some we will share health related tips / recovery and more. In our first episode I spoke with Eric Pike from Root Origins. I have been friends with Eric for a few years. He has used me as a Guinea Pig to test his CBD products. His company Root Origins offers a sublingual CBD day and night spray. (Night spray is awesome for sleep) It’s an wonderful product that really works. I have had great results with inflammation and recovery from tough training sessions. Eric’s product is all natural and they follow it from seed to shelf! (It’s pretty amazing what they do to ensure the efficacy or this product) Listen in as Eric shares his great company and message! For more information on Root Origins GO TO: http://www.rootorigins.com

**Not a paid sponsor – we have just tested the products.

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