Ezekiel Choke: Micro-Seminar (five videos!)


I love this bread and I love this choke even more!  The ezekiel is one of my all-time favorite submissions.  It’s a great immediate attack when you get into mount as it will surely illicit a response from your partner!  Which is great because instead of them trying to escape your mount…they are forced to defend your choke.  I also like to line my choke up on the trachea, not the carotid artery.  Why?  Because the trachea causes a “gag reflex” which forces your partner to instinctively defend the attack.  This immediately allows you to adjust your mount and continue your attack.  Play with all these versions and if you have questions please comment below.  Happy training ninjas!  Be sure to visit our sponsor origin for the best gi’s, gear and apparel.


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