Leif Youngquist

Coach Leif Youngquist is a life long martial artist starting in Okinawa karate in the 1980s after watching the karate kid .

He tried various sports including wrestling until he found his first true martial arts passion in si -lum Kung fu ( shaolin long fist and other blended short fist styles) . Earning a Master student or rank of SIFU (Teacher ) was a huge step in his passion of weapons fighting . He pursued further teaching in Iado , kendo and kempo earning several more black belts .

The next logical step was full contact fighting and testing skills . After fighting in many smokers and traveling as far away as North Africa to fight and compete Leif stepped away from full contact fighting .

Leif tested his early day mma skills against a good friend who trained with the Cesar Gracie camp . He was quickly bested by bjj and has been a student ever sense . Receiving a new white belt when he started with team silva and is now a blue and continues to train and teach kids mma for spark bjj .

Bjj has changed Leif’s life for the better starting when he was sick with cancer and weighing 280 pounds coach Leif now walks at 175 pounds and has won multiple battles with cancer keeping himself emotionally and physically healthy .

Health and bjj have had a huge influence on coach Leif who wants to help others become healthy and find happiness using his personal trainer and dietary nutrition certifications .