Rigan Machado knowingly promoted a rapist to black belt

You may recall my post almost four years ago about Austin Texas jiu jitsu instructor Paul Saucido, convicted of sexual assault and registered sex offender… at the time he was a brown belt under Rigan Machado and was trying to teach women’s self defense seminars at his new school in East Austin.

I also posted about it on MMAUnderground.



In my post I was happy to share that his instructor and former employer Rigan was disavowing any connection with Paul, not teaching seminars for him and generally distanced himself from this rapist.

But now Paul brags that Rigan promoted him to black belt

Wait… this was Rigan’s stance at the time:

This was Carlos’ position:

What changed? Paul grabbed a girl at a party, got her alone in a locked bathroom, and sexually assaulted her. Now he’s running a jiu jitsu school and Rigan Machado promoted him to black belt AFTER the rape and conviction, AFTER he came out publically disavowing any connection with Paul.

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